Our services

We offer a comprehensive range of solutions to meet all your photographic needs:

Digital photography (from cd, dvd, pendrive and online)

- Standard and professional prints

- Enlargements and posters

- Plotter printing

- Fabric plotter printing

- Adhesive vinyl plotter printing

- Digital print to print

- Scanning and cd and dvd burning services (negative/transparency image acquisition, standard and professional photo acquisition)

Analog photography:

- Standard  135mm film roll developing and printing including negatives and transparencies

- Test service

- Professional development

- Transparency duplicates and 135mm colour reproductions

- Enlargements from negatives and transparencies

Black and White

- Standard printing and developing

- Manual, sepia and baryta paper black/white prints

- Black/white contact prints

- 135mm black/white reproductions

Photographic panel montages, plastic-coated and laminated photos

- Aluminium, forex, leger, wood, foam rubber and Rembrandt canvas prints in all formats

- Plastic-coated and laminated photos


- Spiral, paperback or flex-bound (continuous page) PhotoBooks on photographic or typographic paper

PhotoCalendars, PhotoDiaries, PhotoPlanners

- Monthly and annual PhotoCalendars

- PhotoDiaries


- Customized PhotoCards (greeting cards, announcements, invitations, leaflets)

- Business cards

PhotoIdeas and PhotoGadgets

Sweet Gift Boxes



PhotoT- shirt


- PhotoBibs

- PhotoSlippers

- PhotoHelmetCovers

- PhotoTravelBabyChangers

- PhotoAprons

- PhotoCarSunshades


- PhotoBags

- PhotoBeachShoppers

- PhotoBackpacks

Wall decorations

- PhotoCanvasPictures

- PhotoCanvas Clocks

- PhotoForexPictures

For the home

- PhotoCushions

- PhotoCoasters

- PhotoUnderplates

- PhotoPlaceMats

- PhotoMugs

- Snowballs

- PhotoMousepads

- PhotoClocks

- PhotoNightLights

- PhotoBlankets

- PhotoDuvetCovers

- PhotoQuilts

- PhotoBabyBlankets

- PhotoPillowCases

For companies

- PhotoBusinessCards

- PhotoPlanners

- PhotoDiaries

- PhotoCalendars

- Folders, Brochures, Leaflets (from 2 to 4 sides)

For videos

- 8, s8, 16mm/35mm film to video (dvd) transfer

- 8, s8 film to video (mini dv) transfer

- VHS, 8mm, mini dv to dvd transfer

- DVD duplication

- VHS duplication

- Copies professional  videocassettes (Betacam SP-DV-DVCAM-3/4-BVU)

- Copies from and to all VHS systems (American, Russian, etc.)

- Copies from 8mm American system (NTSC) videocassettes

- Copies from mini dvd to standard video dvd

- Copies from photo/video card to standard video dvd

- Copies and transfers in .avi format to cards or external hard disks

- Burning to Full Hd  Blu Ray

- RVM editing of weddings and holidays with accompanying music


Copies from audio music cassettes to cd

WeddingAlbums (WeddingConcept)

- Main Album (Album for Bride and Bridegroom)

- Family Album e Book (Parents’ Album)

- BestFriendsBook (Album for Witnesses)

- FriendsBook (Friends’ Album)

- MiniBook (gift)

Crafted Design Albums

- CompatBook

- EventBook

Funeral items

- Evercolor Photoceramics for headstones (various formats)

- 3-D Photoceramics (outline) for headstones in various formats

- PhotoDome

- Ceramic pendant, various formats

- Parchment-shaped evercolor Photoceramics for headstones, or book-shaped for ground and headstones

- Everglass: glass fused photograph

- Rectangular Everglass headstone (40×60/50/70)

- Plastic-coated souvenirs

- Image processing service (background elimination, clothes changes, background creation, vintage photo restoration)