R&D and Training


PhotoSì invests 5% of its turnover in Research & Development, using creativity to generate innovation.
Special resources are constantly engaged in researching new, efficient and user-friendly technology, applications and solutions that seek to:
– simplify and speed up the digital file printing process and to attract more and more people to the pleasures of photography.
– offer increasingly sophisticated postproduction and colour control services and fashion trend conscious album designs.
– allow consumers to customize with their own photos products that have been specially designed to celebrate personal emotions.


Photosì is also committed to providing training as we believe that this is a highly important and decisive factor for the success of the photographer.
Annualmente infatti organizza due eventi molto partecipati, rivolti ai professionisti della fotografia:

Empower Your Vision: is an event aimed mainly at photographers who work through a photography store. It focuses on issues regarding new technology, new products, new trends and the future world of consumer photography.
The event is peppered with company case studies and talks by professionals who have achieved major results by embracing innovation and diversification as the best way to do business inside and outside the world of photography.
The aim is to keep photographers updated with all the latest sector news, help them benefit from these experiences and use them to achieve success.





AE Academy: is an event aimed mainly at professional photographers who work by actually taking photographs. During this event, internationally renowned photographers explain innovations, trends and shooting techniques, while others speak about post production, graphic design, marketing and personal branding. Successful case histories from around the world are also presented with the aim of offering participants a selection of winning formats they can aspire to.