Who we are

PhotoSì S.p.A. is a leading Italian company in the photo printing market that operates throughout the world via specialised brands .

Established in 2006 by a group of analog photography entrepreneurs, it was the first Italian company  to ride the wave of digital technology by recognising and enhancing its potential and offering a vast range of products and services for both professional photographers and end consumers. Photosì has always managed its entire production cycle: from the design to the marketing of its products.

The prestigious Album Epoca brand is aimed at professional photographers and is specialised in the production of beautiful hand-crafted, design albums used mainly for weddings.

The PhotoSì and MioFotografo brands, on the other hand, are very popular with end consumers thanks to their range of prints, photobooks  and custom-printed gadgets for amateur photographers. Products can also be created directly by users via specialised software, such as MyComposer, or ordered through a network of partner sales points that includes over 5,000 photographers and 10 well-known Italian mass retail brands. Photosì is also present in Spain with PixLive, a photographic product brand aimed directly at the end consumer.

PrintUP is an iPhone app that allows you to snap, process and print photos directly from your phone.

PhotoSì has 180 employees working in its Production, Administration, Marketing, R&D and Customer Care divisions. The company is based at Riccione, in the province of Rimini, in a complex that covers a surface of 5000 m². The Photosì distribution and logistics network also stretches right across Europe and the world with a highly consolidated presence in Spain, the UK, the USA and Canada.


Some of the best photographers and world photography specialists have chosen to use Photosì products and become brand ambassadors. These include: : Bambi Cantrell, David Beckstead, Flavio Bandiera e Sam Sciarrino.